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Lil Biscuits & 'Gravy'

Got the Monday morning blues? I know that I do! These lil biscuits and 'gravy' should brighten the mood and satisfy your breakfast cravings! My plant-based biscuits and gravy recipe is super simple to follow and yummy! You can even bake the biscuits the night before to save extra time in the morning. Simply pop them in the toaster oven or microwave to warm them again and you'll be good to go! Enjoy!

Lil Biscuits & 'Gravy' Recipe:

Yield: 8 Biscuits

Cook Time: 1 Hr 15 Min


- 1 ½ Cups Whole Wheat Flour

- ½ Cup Warm Water

- 1 ¼ tsp Instant Yeast or Active Dry Yeast

- ¾ tsp Salt

- 3 Tbsp Vegan Butter (Earth Balance)

- 1/8 Cup Rice Powdered ‘Milk’

- ¼ Cup Mashed Potato Flakes

- Optional: 1 Tbsp Chopped Parsley

- Plant-Based Gravy:

o 1 ½ Cups Water

o ½ Tbsp Better Than Bouillon No Chicken Base

o 1 ½ Tbsp Vegan Butter (Earth Balance)

o 2 Tbsp All Purpose Flour

o Salt, To Taste

o Pepper, To Taste

o ¼ tsp Poultry Seasoning


1. To prepare biscuits, combine the flour, water, yeast, salt, butter (cut into small pieces), rice powdered milk, and mashed potato flakes in a mixer or large bowl.

2. Knead the dough for five minutes in the mixer, or ten minutes by hand, until a smooth dough ball begins to form.

3. Place dough in a clean bowl and let proof until it doubles in size.

4. Divide the dough into 8 sections and roll into a ball. Place onto a lightly greased sheet tray or parchment lined sheet tray and lay a kitchen towel over the top of them, carefully.

5. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Let the dough balls proof again while the oven is preheating.

6. Once preheated, place biscuits in the oven and bake until golden brown, approximately 15-18 minutes.

7. While the biscuits are baking, prepare the gravy.

8. First, combine the bouillon into the water in a small pot and whisk until dissolved.

9. Next, melt the butter in a small saucepan and whisk in the flour. Cook 1-2 minutes, until the roux begins to bubble. Add the bouillon water and whisk constantly as you add the water in.

10.Let the gravy cook for 4-5 minutes until it begins to thicken. Add flour 1 tsp at a time if the gravy isn’t thickening after 5 minutes.

11.Once thickened, stir in salt, pepper, and poultry seasoning and serve immediately.

12.Top each biscuit with a spoonful of gravy and sprinkle chopped parsley over biscuits if desired, enjoy!


- You can double the batch of biscuits and freeze any leftovers for a quick breakfast the next time you get a craving for these babies :)

- For a quicker proof on the dough, if your oven has a proofing setting or proofing drawer, that might speed up the proofing process by at least 20-30 minutes!

Click Link Below For Recipe PDF:

lil biscuits & gravy recipe
Download PDF • 115KB

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