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Finding Inspiration in Every Bite

Grazing is a trend that has been around for centuries- it resurfaced in the 1980's and seems to be continuing in popularity in the Culinary world again lately. It's fun, you can customize your catering to find something that everyone will enjoy, and it's perfect for just about every setting or occasion!

Our Story

I was inspired to create Essential Eats Grazing, LLC whilst working as a catering coordinator for a Fortune 500 company. Our catering director left the company abruptly, and for over two months I ran the department with a co-worker. We had no support staff, and I was running 200 person events by myself from start to finish. I was a part of the process from drafting the event with client requests, to the day of the event setting everything up.


Working solo inspired me to create my own company!


My husband and I met working in the catering industry 7 years ago and we now have over 25 years of hospitality experience combined. We both love great-tasting, quality food, and creating happy memories for our clients. As professional caterers we go above and beyond so our clients feel the value of their catered event and can relax while they're hosting parties. 

Meet The Team

Our Mission Statement:

Essential Eats Grazing, LLC is focused on one simple fact: “Food Brings People Together & Creates Long-lasting Memories”. By providing a memorable and wholesome catering experience for all guests, we believe that good food and good company help to fuel a positive and healthy lifestyle. 


Our Vision Statement:

Our vision is to offer an outstanding experience for our guests through innovative culinary experiences, fresh & quality food, customized catering, special event catering, private picnics, and personal chef services.

Our Clients

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