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Blackberry Orange H2O

Winter is coming! Make sure you're staying hydrated :) I know that you don't really need a "recipe" for water. However, I find plain water somewhat boring to drink, and sometimes I have to get creative with my hydration game. That's why I created this post! Sometimes adding fruit or berries or even sliced cucumbers to water help keep you reaching for your water bottle instead of another cup of coffee. I hope you enjoy!

Blackberry Orange H2O Recipe:

Yield: 1 Gallon

Cook Time: 5 Min


- 1 Gallon Water

- ½ Pint Blackberries

- ½ Orange, Sliced Thinly


1. Wash and dry blackberries and orange.

2. Slice the orange into ¼ inch slices.

3. Place the slices and berries into pitcher.

4. Add water until pitcher is filled and refrigerate overnight.

5. Pour into glasses and top with an orange twist, enjoy!


- Refrigeration overnight is not necessary, however the longer the fruit sits in the water, the more flavor will become imparted.

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