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Vegan S'mores

Are you missing those campfire treats as a vegan? Well fret no longer, because vegan s'mores are a real thing! You can purchase the marshmallows through amazon and the graham crackers are usually in most grocery stores. This is a classic turned vegan, so I hope you all enjoy :)

Vegan S'mores Recipe:

Yield: 4 S’mores

Cook Time: 5 Min


- 4 Vegan Marshmallows (Dandie’s makes Vegan ones!)

- 8 Vegan Graham Cracker Squares (Nabisco Grahams are vegan)

- 4 Dark Chocolate Squares

- 4 Skewers or Roasting Sticks

- 1 Sterno* or Stove Top Flame, or Open Camp Fire


1. First, gather all ingredients and break graham crackers into squares.

2. Next, toast the marshmallows over your choice of flame until your desired toast level is reached.

3. Place a piece of chocolate on a graham square and use the top graham to push the marshmallow off of the skewer or roasting stick.

4. Squish the top and bottom together and there you have it! Enjoy :)


- Sternos are available for purchase inside most grocery stores, they are usually used to keep food hot or useful for catering.

Click Link Below For Recipe PDF:

vegan smores
Download PDF • 126KB

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