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Quick & Easy Cheeseboard

I love Cheese! It's so versatile and can be a great snack or accompaniment with lunch or dinner! I like to make cheeseboards when I'm feeling lazy and don't want to cook, but know I need to keep my energy up! This easy "recipe" is a great outline for you to create your own customized cheeseboard with all your favorites! Enjoy :)

Cheeseboard Recipe:

Yield: 4 Servings

Cook Time: 15 Min


- 1 Bushel Red Grapes

- 1 Package Water Crackers

- 3-9 Slices of Turkey

- ¼ Cup Pecans

- ¼ Cup Walnuts

- 1/3 Cup Kalamata Olives

- 6 oz Colby Jack Cheese

- 6 oz Sharp White Cheddar Cheese

- 1/8 Cup Honey


1. Wash and dry the grapes. Assemble the rest of the ingredients and unwrap the crackers.

2. Assemble the board by placing the largest items on first. This gives you an “outline” to decorate the board with the remaining accompaniments/smaller items.

3. I recommend draining and drying anything that is wet you are putting on the board, like the olives for example. This way the juice won’t flavor another item next to it.

Other Ideas:

- Wheat Thins, Saltines

- Salami, Pate, Summer Sausage

- Bread w/ Butter

- Apples w/ Peanut Butter, Raisins, Caramel

- Dried Fruits

- Pickles, Cornichons, etc.

Click Link Below For Recipe PDF:

Cheeseboard Recipe-PDF
Download PDF • 73KB

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