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Cheeseboard & Salad for Two

Tired of doing dishes for once? I know I am!! To cut down on dishes, I recommend having a cheeseboard for dinner!

Pair this board with a tasty salad and you've got dinner ready in just a few minutes! My fiancé and I will do this about every other week and have some white wine with it, I hope you enjoy! :)

Cheeseboard & Salad for Two Recipe:

Yield: 2 Servings

Cook Time: 10 Min

Cheeseboard Ingredients:

- 1 Block Gruyere Cheese

- ½ Block Cheddar Cheese

- ½ Block Smoked Gouda Cheese

- 1 Apple, Sliced

- ¼ Cup Honey or Agave

- 1 Bar Dark Chocolate

- ½ Cup Pistachios

- 1 Package Water Crackers

- 1 Package Olive Oil Herb Crackers

Salad Ingredients:

- ½ Whole Butter Leaf Lettuce Head, Chopped

- ¼ Red Onion, Sliced Thinly

- 1/8 Cup Greek Vinaigrette

- 1/8 Cup Banana Peppers

- 1/8 Cup Feta Cheese

- ½ Cup Cracker Croutons


1. Gather all ingredients. Cube Cheddar Cheese, Slice the Gruyere and Gouda Cheeses.

2. Wash, dry, and slice the apple. Open crackers & chocolate and set aside.

3. To build board, add cheeses around the outer perimeter of the board and keep the sweeter ingredients together and the saltier ingredients together. (For example, place the chocolate next to the apples).

4. After the board is built, prepare the salad. Wash and dry the lettuce and onion. Slice onion and chop the lettuce. Place into a medium bowl.

5. Add the banana peppers, feta cheese, and Greek vinaigrette to the lettuce and onion and stir to combine.

6. Place on a plate top with the cracker croutons and serve with the cheeseboard, enjoy!


-Pair with a nice, chilled glass of Moscato or Riesling :)

-You can also add meats to this board if you would like, however I am vegetarian so I prefer to make cheeseboards instead (prosciutto or a salami would be a great choice though!)

Click Link Below For Recipe PDF:

Cheeseboard & Salad for Two Recipe
Download PDF • 151KB

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